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Tejo Verstappen – graduated in monumental design and painting at the Academy of Arts in Maastricht in 1989. He practiced successfully as a traditional painter during the ’90s, meanwhile establishing a name for himself as lead singer and stage actor. Driven by curiosity, he made his first digital painting in 2000, and a new fascination was born. 
He became an expert in digital illustration and mastered every aspect this new technique had to offer. His work can be described as metaphysical – dreamy landscapes radiating a sense of solitude and desire. 

One of the many reactions according his drawings on Facebook came from Nikolai Klein  :    "   The thing about Tejo's images that continues to knock me out is that they are digital. They are not paintings, and they are not illustrations (although they have elements of both), but unlike 99.9% of digital art they are not some sort of infantile aesthetic based on cgi, comics and video games (not all of which is bad). While they may not break radical ground, they are deeply felt and quite often very beautiful. I can honestly say there is not much of this sort of thing out there. " 

Much attention is paid to the printing process of his work and the quality of the printing paper.

To guarantee their exclusiveness, no more than 3 copies of each original will be printed.



Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have .....

Maastricht – March 2022

KVK nr:   75003406

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